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Book 1C:Enterprise 8. A Practical Developer's Guide. Examples and Standard Techniques.

This book is a guide that supports the rapid assimilation of techniques for developing and adapting applications, using the 1C:Enterprise 8 software.

On the basis of examples from an actual application, it demonstrates the structure of various system objects, their functions and usage. Procedures written in the built-in language, including those that involve query language, contain detailed comments.

The book is designed for both beginning developers who are unfamiliar with the 1C:Enterprise software, as well as for those who have already created or supported applications using this software.

The book can be used both as a practical guide and as a reference book. The concluding chapters contain a reference to developer's techniques covered in the book with references to the appropriate sections.

The application used in this book takes into account the accumulated experience in developing for the 1C:Enterprise 8.

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On-line course. Introduction in 1C:Enterprise programming. http://www.cl-wh.com/index.php/marketplace/5-marketplace-training/9-online-course-introduction-in-1c-enterprise-programming.html Internet-course is a great opportunity for English speaking and English reading beginning programmers to start from the ground and progress in working with 1C:Enterprise. Size of course material allows to prepare for prestigious certification exam "1C:Professional" that shows level of obtained knowledge and skills to work with main mechanisms and capabilities of 1C:Enterprise platform. Free Demo version is available.

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New 1C:Enterprise 8.1 features http://www.cl-wh.com/index.php/1c-enterprise-features/26-new-8-1-features.html What's New in Version 8.1

This section briefly describes what's new in version 8.1 and differences from version 8.0.

Server and Database

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1С:Enterprise 8.1 Platform. Training Version. Buy online. http://www.cl-wh.com/index.php/marketplace/5-marketplace-training/8-1c-enterprise-8-1-training-version-buy-online.html 1C:Enterprise 8.1. Training Version

Training version of 1C:Enterprise 8.1 platform is the operating 1C:Enterprise 8.1 platform with the following limitations:

  • Data count in documents, catalogs, charts of accounts, charts of characteristics types and other object tables is limited;
  • Record count in table parts and record sets is limited;
  • Only one user can work on one infobase at a time;
  • Client-server mode is not supported;
  • Distributed infobases are not supported;
  • COM-connection is not supported;
  • Operating with Web-services not supported;
  • Password use and Windows-authentication for users are not available;
  • Spreadsheets printing and saving are supported in Designer only;
  • Performance of training version is lower than 1C:Enterprise 8.1 commercial version.

Training version lacks hardware and software protection.

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1C:Enterprise software outsourcing services http://www.cl-wh.com/index.php/marketplace/11-software-pricing/24-outsourcing-services.html If you want to implement 1C:Enterprise system or to customize the existing 1C:Enterprise software the following information can be tempting for you. Get cost savings up to 50% lower compared to USA, Canada and Europe.

Our certified partners and specialists can offer any of the following services:

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1C.Net - Elisy .Net Bridge component adds .Net support to 1C:Enterprise http://www.cl-wh.com/index.php/marketplace/9-1c-enterprise-integration/17-elisy-net-framework-bridge.html Elisy .Net Bridge component adds .Net support to 1C:Enterprise 7.7/8.0/8.1

Main features of Elisy .Net Bridge are:
- does not require REGSVR32 and REGASM preregistration. Can be accessible by file name from 1C:Enterprise script;
- supports REGSVR32 and REGASM registration;
- supports .Net object creation by assembly file path;
- supports .Net object creation by assembly full name;
- contains ElisyNetBridge specialized .Net class containing extra functionality;

ElisyNetBridge class allows to:
- load assemblies by file path and by full name;
- create objects using constructors with up to 5 parameters;
- call methods with up to 5 parameters;
- call static methods with up to 5 parameters;
- get and set properties and fields;
- get and set static parameters;
- get and set indexers;

Elisy .Net Bridge does not support in the current version:
- Enums;
- Events subscriptions;

The attached archive contains evaluation copy of the add-in and How To topics describing the component integration and use of regular expressions in 1C:Enterprise.
Registered forum users can download component from http://www.1centerprise.com/forums/.
How To topics are available at Marketplace area.
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Front Page http://www.cl-wh.com/index.php/component/content/article/6-front-page.html Welcome to 1C:Enterprise

Welcome to the non-official community and development website for 1C:Enterprise. 1centerprise.com offers a comprehensive base of information, resources, and support to the 1C:Enterprise community. 1C:Enterprise is one of the most successful ERP software in Russia.

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Free Elisy Inventory Management demo configuration http://www.cl-wh.com/index.php/marketplace/5-marketplace-training/12-free-elisy-inventory-management-demo-configuration.html Elisy Inventory Management v.1.0 (beta) demo configuration is available for downloading. The download is available from Forums section (General 1C:Enterprise -> Links to Download) and accessible for registered forum users only.

Version 1.0 requires 1C:Enterprise 8.0 (training version or higher). Version 2.0 requires 1C:Enterprise 8.1.

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Advertising Banners http://www.cl-wh.com/index.php/marketplace/6-advertising-on-1centerprise-com/11-advertising-banners.html Top Banner

The Top Banner is the most prestigious location for your company name to appear, with enough space to house your marketing message in an attractive way.

At only 329 EUR you place your fullsize banner at 1centerprise.com for a whole month in a banner rotation with a maximum of five banners. This price is independent from the number of banner views or clicks.

If you need additional information please contact us.

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